Studying English: why and where

English is currently the universal language; Therefore, studying English is necessary and speaking English and writing English is essential in our global world.

While it is true that in our time it is easy to learn English, have access to material to study and / or improve English on the Internet, go to academies where to study English, and of course study English in schools, our educational experience has shown us that there is nothing that exceeds being able to study English abroad. We think it is ideal to do so in the United Kingdom, although other countries such as Ireland, the United States and Canada can also be considered.

Immersion in the English language

We recommend taking a course in an English-speaking country, where the student has an immersion in the English language, both oral and written, that allows him to advance in the knowledge of it. That is why studying a course in an English school, where the student has to interact with their classmates and teachers in English, where the classes are in English, where the written communication path is English, where sports, leisure, in short , all his life turn and relate to the study of English, allow him to progress in a real way while the student develops a lot of relational skills that will contribute to his personal growth.

Studying English: our recommendation

In Another Education it seems ideal that a student will study English at a school during a whole course and that the regime is internship, so the ‘input’ he receives during his stay in the center is full time. Of course you can also go to school every day and live as a family, but this does not seem so advantageous since in a boarding school you are always exposed to the language. In a family you can get into your room and stay there longer than you should, and during the weekends you will not be as forced to get together with your classmates.

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