Whether you want to study a Degree at a university in England, a Postgraduate course, a Master’s, a Doctorate, etc., this is your site.


Estudiar en universidad en Inglaterra

Do you want to study a Degree?

Studying at an English university is an experience that will bring you a new perspective while improving your written and spoken English.

We help you achieve that goal, managing the admission procedures for you, with all it entails.

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Do you want to study a Masters or a Postgraduate course?

If you want to compete in today’s job market, you should not miss the opportunity to study abroad.

Choose the degrees you want (university courses, Postgraduate studies, Masters, Doctorates…) and in Another Education we take care of the rest. If you need us to advise you, contact us.

Don’t worry about your level of English. We can also prepare you before you go.


University in England: Higher courses

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