What do we do?

We facilitate your education in England and your command of English

Evaluation and selection of educational centres in the UK and other foreign countries, such as boarding schools, universities, summer schools and language schools, best suited to the student's needs.

Advice and management of the entire process of applying for a place and admission of students in the selected educational centres.

Establishing agreements with educational centres in the UK and other foreign countries to facilitate access for both students and workers to those centres.

Advice and guidance on other matters, such as visas and permits, as well as stays and accommodation.

Why Another Education?

Mastering English

We care about your future and speaking English is paramount nowadays. In Another Education we are experts in getting the best educational program in England or a job.

Integral management

Relax because we do all the admission procedures, from registration, conference attendance, accommodation, orientation, excursions and much more.

Educational excellence

We provide you with tailored programs to make your educational experience in England enriching, rewarding and productive.

What we offer

We cooperate locally with public and private boarding schools, universities and other educational institutions in England, so that you acquire an exquisite education.

Cultural experience

Immersing yourself in the culture of other countries is also part of the educational experience we get you at Another Education.

Quality service

We quickly answer any questions you may have, by email, phone or even WhatsApp.

Boarding schools
English schools

Our values


We operate professionally with great commitment to the highest standards of honesty and ethics.


We continually accumulate new information about the educational programs we offer.


We are dedicated to excellence in the work we do and committed to our clients.


We offer all our clients a fast service and response in a personalized way.


We look for new ways to improve our business and opportunities related to our mission.


Within our company, we work as a team to fulfill our mission and we have the best partners (boarding schools, universities, English schools and other entities).