Do you want to study a Masters, a Doctorate or a higher course at a university in England?

The university in England enjoys great prestige and that is why more and more students want to do their Master’s degrees, Doctorates or other higher courses in one. If you find it difficult to start with the procedure, this is your site.

In England there are many prestigious universities, not only the famous Oxford and Cambridge, but also Durham, Warrick, Imperial College, Edinburgh, London School of Economics, etc. If you want to go to any of them to study a Doctorate, a Master’s degree or other higher courses, we can help you.

Many universities offer specific accommodations for postgraduates. Although the price and type of accommodation may vary depending on the institution, it is generally a safe bet for students of Master’s degrees, Doctorates or higher courses who want to live with other students. These residences are also good places to meet new people.


Why study in a university in England?

The university in England bases its studies on reading and writing. The student not only listens to the teacher, but also has to carry out a research work through reading that after translating into an essay (“essay”). With which, students acquire a proficiency in English that can reach bilingualism. The writing of essays in English for each of the subjects you study at a university in England makes the level of written expression increase dramatically.

This is very valuable when considering that in any job you may need a very high level of writing in English (speeches, reports, projects, communications …). Speaking English is not enough, but you have to know how to write very well so that you value your knowledge and use of English at a professional level and your work is effective.

University in England: requirements

The requirements to access to higher education programs may vary depending on the university, but are quite flexible. Discover them below:

  • Your marks in the Bachelor´s Degree you have obtained are important, but this importance varies depending on the university you choose.
  • Certify a high level of English.
  • Some Master’s degrees require that you have some kind of work experience.
  • You may need to do an exam and / or a personal interview.

The application requirements for a Master’s degree, a Doctorate or other higher courses change according to ​​the university, so in Another Education we are in continuous contact with their admissions departments. Moreover, if there is any change in the reference to the requirements for higher studies at a university in England as a result of Brexit, we will publish it and inform the applicants as soon as possible.

In Another Education we do everything neccesary so that you can study in a University in England:

    • The registration
    • We find accommodation in a college or in a hall of residence

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