English boarding school: building excellence

Boarding schools in England offer an excellent education and prepare their students for a world in which speaking and writing English is paramount. If you want to study in an English boarding school, we at Another Education help you choose the one that is most convenient for your children and we are specialists in preparing the interview and admission tests.

Each English boarding school must meet the standards of quality of education and depending on the results of their students they occupy one or another position in the national ranking of schools, the same for state schools and private schools. Here we have to clarify that education in an English boarding school can be public with a different cost (lower) than private (more expensive). English education has, as in Spain, a compulsory educational program that both public and private schools must follow.

The boarding school students in England are composed of international and local students and can be male, female or mixed. The ‘interns’ (called ‘boarders’) are the students who live in the school. The ‘day students’ (‘day boys’ or ‘day girls’) live with their families and return to their homes when the school day ends. The coexistence between boarders and day students in English boarding schools creates a perfect social atmosphere that helps them develop their personal growth. The majority of British boarding schools are mixed, that is, boys and girls attend classes together, but the accommodation is separate.

Building excellence in the English boarding schools

In my experience as a Housemistress in an English boarding school, I can affirm that English education stands out in personal attention to the student. I realized during the six years in which I worked in an English boarding school that teachers extol the qualities of boys and girls, enhance each student’s skills and encourage them to work hard to excel at what they do best. They provide classes to reinforce these skills and thus build excellence.

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