Studying in England: Guardianship

British schools demand the figure of a local ‘Guardian’ in the United Kingdom. At Another Education we are in contact with the best Guardians agencies.

The ‘Guardian’ acts on behalf of the parents of the international student, giving them additional support for the pastoral care they receive at boarding schools.

The ‘Guardian’ can be an individual person or a family, and their duty is to protect the well-being of the students, take an interest in their academic progress by attending meetings with teachers if the parents cannot, and ultimately be there for them. and in frequent contact with parents for any emergency that may arise, such as in case of illness.

Duties of the Guardian

• Organize transport: To and from the airport and to host families and school.

• Support students: Regular visits, pocket money and uniform purchases. Help the student in their social development.

• Organize accommodation with the family: during the holidays, if the student does not travel to their country of origin with their family.

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