Working in England: Spanish assistant

Another Education offers the possibility of working in England. We enable people who wish to improve their English to achieve it by staying and working in an English school (boarding school normally), where they collaborate with the Spanish department by giving oral classes to those students of the school who wish to learn this language.

Working in England in this kind of post is relatively easy. It requires a good knowledge of the Spanish language (which the candidate has from school), a clear accent and a great responsibility, since working in England with minors means having had an impolute conduct in their own country. We find the perfect candidate to work in England, we organize the interviews and we talk with the schools to be able to transmit to those Spaniards who would like to apply for this job a clear idea of ​​what the tasks they have to perform will be like.

Spanish language assistant

Working in England as a Spanish assistant or Spanish language assistant almost always involves working in residential areas of the school, where candidates interact with students and can practice their English. We find these posts in English boarding schools, which means that the person interested in working in England has accommodation and boarding at the school and does not have to look for a place to live near their job premises, almost always necessary when someone wants to work in England. Not to mention the cost of housing and living expenses for anyone who wants to work in England!

Spanish Assistant: advantages we see

The main advantage is that you reside in the English school with all the benefits that this entails, not only for accommodation and maintenance, but also when one resides in a boarding school living and sharing all with the community, you are forced to interact with natives all the time, staff and students with whom you live regularly. During a whole school year, holidays excepting, you will become part of the boarding school and the educational community, having access to library, gym, sports facilities and any of the activities that are carried out in the boarding school.

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