English education system

In the educational system that concerns us, teaching is mandatory from 5 to 16 years. The school year begins in September, ends in July, and is divided into 3 quarters (terms): The ‘Autumn term’ is from September to Christmas, the ‘Spring term’ from January to Easter and the ‘Summer term’ from April to July. In addition, there is a holiday in the middle of each quarter, of a week or ten days depending on the duration of the term. Since the longest term of the education system is usually the first one, the first half term is usually more extensive.

In most schools it is part of the education system to wear a uniform. It seems to be an extra expense, however, we see this as a great advantage. The use of the uniform equals students in the school environment, avoiding comparisons between them in this period of adolescence where the image is so important. It also facilitates mornings since students do not have to think about what to wear.

English academic year

In the English education system, as in Spain, the academic year begins in September. In what both systems differ is that in England, a child born on September 1 is the oldest in the class and the one born on August 30 of the following year, the youngest of that class. In Spain, it starts counting in January. That is, a child born on January 1 will always be the oldest of the class; the youngest, the one born on December 31. For example, in the United Kingdom, children born between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020 will go to the same year. However, in Spain the children in the same year will be all those born in 2019.

We in Another Education really like the English education system. The United Kingdom has a reputation in the world for its way of educating children for centuries. Here are the famous ‘boarding schools’, where students live in houses or areas of memorable buildings in bucolic fields. There everything is focused on facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and training of students. While it is true that the prices of these schools are high, there are also ‘State Schools’ or public schools whose education is equally excellent. And why do we like them? We like them because the education provided not only has to do with the acquisition of knowledge, but with the development of each student’s own abilities.

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