Do you want to work in England as a House Parent or Residential Supervisor in a boarding school?

At Another Education we help you work in England as a House Parent or Residential Supervisor in boarding schools. The job consists of taking care of students when they return to the residential areas at the end of the school day (academic periods, sports and other extracurricular activities).


  • Wake up all students in the morning for breakfast, roll call to check they are present, inspect student rooms and complete necessary paperwork.
  • Ensure the children’s well-being, monitor the behavior of students and report any problems in the residence to the House Master / Mistress (Director of the residential area) or any serious problems to a superior.
  • Supervise their study.
  • Report an illness immediately to the medical center and take the necessary steps in case of emergency.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the residence in general in accordance with the student manual to facilitate personal relationships between students and maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Working in England will help you improve your English, both spoken and written, since you will have to carry out writing tasks, reports, etc.

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