Having work experience abroad is essential today in any job interview, so do not miss this opportunity, which may not be presented again.

Learning English can cost a lot of money, but thanks to working in England as a Language Assistant or as a House Parent / Residential Supervisor you will learn English in the best of environments and for zero euros!

Language Assistant

Trabajar en Inglaterra, Spanish Assistant

We send graduates or young people (normally over 21 years old) to boarding schools to work during an academic year in a language department, which consists of giving oral classes to the students who are studying the language in addition to some tasks in the residential part of the boarding school.

If you are interested, we can prepare you for the interview. You should have a B2 level of English. If you do not have it, we can also help you.

Contact us in the month of October if you want to start working in the month of September of the following year. Is it now later than October? Contact us anyway just in case there is still any vacancies.

Having work experience abroad is, today, essential in any job interview.

House Parent / Residential Supervisor

The job of the House Parent or Residential Supervisor is carried out in boarding schools and consists of taking care of the students when they return to the residential areas at the end of their lessons (academic periods, sports and other extracurricular activities).

You will have to keep the students company, listen to them, help them solve any coexistence issue, technical problems that may arise, such as taking care of replacing a burnt out light bulb, fixing a padlock, a doorknob, etc. It is also a task of the House Parent to take care of the study, that is, when the students do their homework. Sometimes it will only be necessary to keep an eye on them, either in a room where they are altogether (eg. library) or in their rooms, but you may also have to help them with their homework.

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