Do you want to work in England as a Language Assistant?

At Another Education we collaborate with private boarding schools in England where they are looking for young people to work in their Language departments. In addition, you will also work in the residential areas, which will help you improve your level of English.

Studying English abroad can be very expensive at times, but this option of working in England as a Language Assistant allows you to live in the UK for at least one academic year and you will be paid around 600 euros per month, depending on the boarding school. In addition, working in a boarding school in England means that there is no need to pay for accommodation or food. Thus, you will save a lot!


The tasks of the Language Assistant will include helping students in small groups or individually to acquire linguistic competence, perform oral and written exercises in class, practice exams with students, correct compositions, homework, etc., working closely with the other teachers of the Head of the Department. In addition, as a Language Assistant you are expected to address a variety of topics in the language to support the curriculum with students at the most advanced levels.

To become familiar with the Language Assistant job requirements, the Language Department will provide you with all the information and support you need in advance. In addition, it will be highly appreciated that you have initiative and know how to develop the confidence of the students so that they improve their ability to speak in the language they are learning.

If you want more information on how to work in England as a Language Assistant, you can read our blog or write to us directly on WhatsApp and we will tell you in detail without obligation.

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