University in England: Master’s degrees, Doctorates (PhDs) and higher courses

Studying at a university in England has many advantages. You can learn to master the language at the same time that you acquired the knowledge of the degree you are reading.

Since English teaching is based on reading, after which the student performs an analysis that is reflected in writing an essay, many students want to take higher courses, Masters, Doctorates, etc., at a university in England in order to improve both their level of spoken and written English.

For what has just been reviewed, the university in England has a great acceptance and more and more students want study their postgraduate studies in one. In England there are many prestigious universities such as Durham, Warwick, Imperial College, Edinburgh, London School of Economics, etc., in addition to the famous Oxford and Cambridge.

University in England: requirements

The requirements for accessing to higher studies may vary according to the university, but they are quite flexible. The marks you obtained in the Degree you have taken are important, but this importance varies depending on the postgraduate study program. On the other hand, you will have to certify a high level of English. There also are Masters that require some kind of professional experience and sometimes you have to take an exam and / or a personal interview to access the course of your choice.

The process of application for a place in a Masters, a Doctorate or other higher education can change depending on the university, so in Another Education we are in continuous contact with their admissions departments. Furthermore, should there be any change in reference to the requirements to carry out studies higher at a university in England as a result of Brexit, we will publish all information applicants should be aware of as soon as possible.

Studying at a university in England is very valuable when we consider most jobs require a very high level of written English skills (speeches, reports, projects, communications…). Speaking English is not enough, you have to know how to write very well so that your knowledge and use of English is valued at a professional level and so that your work is effective.

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